All the information you need about Riverside.

Learn about the in’s and out’s of community living, the joys of no exit fees and home ownership. 
A lifestyle community that comes together in one of Australia’s finest locations. 

Do I own my own home?

At Riverside, the difference here is that you have full ownership over your home. Whilst you are renting the space your land is on, you do own your home in its entirety. Independence is important, and we are creating a lifestyle community around you and your neighbours living your lives, to the best of your ability.

Do I have to be retired?

Absolutely not. We are not a retirement village — Riverside is a community for all situations — full-time, part-time, casual work, those who have a love for passion projects or those who have retired. We help you live your best life by helping you release some equity and give yourself more freedom around what you want to do, and when you want to it. 

Do I own the land?

One of the reasons this model works so well, is due to not owning the land. So no, whilst you don’t own the land — you do have the freedom of the space, a low maintenance yard, a maintained surrounding and no stamp duty or council rates when purchasing — Saving thousands. Your lease is paid on a weekly basis for the land, giving you exclusive rights to the land with no time constraints. 

What about other buying costs?

As mentioned.. what about them? There are no other buying costs added onto your new home purchase. As you are not purchasing the land, you don’t have to pay stamp duty costs. 

What are some of the advantages of living at Riverside?

The most significant benefit of a long-term secure lease compared to freehold (owning your own land) is that Riverside has a continuous interest in the success and upkeep of the community. Other advantages may include:

  1. You can rest assured knowing there won’t be short-term tenants or disruptive neighbors next door.
  2. All front yards and shared landscaped areas are taken care of by our dedicated community gardening team, relieving you of that responsibility.
  3. You have clarity regarding the architectural landscape of your street, and any proposed modifications will be handled and communicated professionally.
  4. Traditional costs such as stamp duty or typical rates are not applicable (refer to ‘What about other buying costs?’ to learn more)
Who will build my home?

With exclusive partnerships through Modular Homes Australia, we have access directly with Manufacturers who have committed their resources, and their wonderful team who can take personal requests under consideration also, rather than simply box-cutter builds. 

Who maintains my home?

Whilst we will maintain the surrounds and upkeep of the community, as the home owner, you will maintain your home. They have been specifically designed to be as low-maintenance as possible, but to keep the community the best it can be, we ask you maintain the exterior and interior of your home to the community standards. We ask that you would keep your place, as your neighbour would keep theirs. 

Can I customise my home?

Yes! It’s your home and you can customise what you need when you need to. However,  any variations or customisations to the exterior or façade of your home must be kept within the overall look and feel of the community and you’ll need to let us know of your intentions prior to commencing any works.

How secure is my home?

Your home is nestled within a secure community, where entrance gates are secured each night for your safety. However, with your personal security access, you have the freedom to move in and out at your convenience. The presence of on-site Community Managers offers an extra layer of comfort, ensuring your peace of mind, whether you’re at home or on the go.

What about pets?

We understand that pets are an integral part of your family and we warmly welcome them. Of course, we do have some straightforward rules in place to ensure the comfort and respect of all residents, including those who may not own pets.

What about my mail?

Australia Post can deliver directly to our office/community office , which can then be picked up accordingly

I have a visitor staying, can they use our facilities?

We are delighted to have guests utilize most of our facilities, provided they are always in the company of a homeowner. Your guests can enjoy a brief stay with you, typically for less than 30 days. If you anticipate hosting guests for extended periods, we encourage you to have a conversation with your Community Manager.

What is the Weekly Fee?

The Weekly Fee grants you the privilege to occupy the land where your home is located and contributes to the expenses of managing the community, including:

The agreement at Riverside stipulates that the Weekly Fee is to be paid bi-weekly via direct debit. The Weekly Fee undergoes an annual review on July 1.