Why Swan Reach?

Gateway to east gippsland

Embrace the enriching life at Riverside.
Living life to its fullest potential becomes effortless when you’re enveloped by the sublime beauty of nature, the allure of the river, and the charm of a friendly town.

Tucked between the lush landscapes of Victoria and the tranquil Tambo River, Riverside Swan Reach is ideally positioned for a life lived at your own rhythm – from adventures to serene relaxation.

Uncover enchanting walking trails, verdant countryside, and exceptional local eateries just a stone’s throw away. Or take to the river and make the most of your day with community boating adventures.

Once here, it becomes clear why Riverside Swan Reach is more than a typical retirement community.

Our homeowners strive to build strong, close-knit communities reminiscent of times gone by, where they can find the perfect balance between connection and privacy, independence and activity. 

That’s why we actively listen to their aspirations and dreams, constantly working to reimagine and elevate their lives as they embark on this new journey. We recognise that downsizing one’s home is a significant decision, and we consider it an honour to support and accompany our homeowners throughout this process.

At Riverside Village, we believe our homeowners are just getting started, ready to make the most of this exciting new chapter in their lives. As the generation of change, they are far from finished.

Local luxuries

  1. Tambo River Cruises: Enjoy a leisurely boat cruise down the tranquil Tambo River. This relaxing activity also offers a chance to spot local wildlife.

  2. Walking Trails: Swan Reach is surrounded by numerous scenic walking and cycling trails perfect for maintaining fitness and appreciating natural beauty.

  3. Bird Watching: With its diverse bird species, bird watching can be a rewarding pastime.

  4. Fishing: The Tambo River is a great spot for recreational fishing.

  5. Local Wineries: Visit some of the nearby wineries for wine tasting sessions.

  6. Cycling: Take advantage of the numerous cycling paths for an invigorating ride through the countryside.

  7. Golfing: Just a few kilometres away, you will find Bairnsdale Golf Club which offers excellent golfing facilities.

  8. Art Galleries: Visit nearby local art galleries to appreciate regional art and perhaps find a new piece for your collection.

  9. Farmers Markets: Explore local farmers markets to purchase fresh produce and locally made crafts.

  10. Community Events: Participate in local community events and festivals, which are great ways to integrate into the community and meet new people.

  11. Historical Sites: Visit local historical sites to learn about the region’s rich history dating back to 1842.

  12. Dining: Experience local dining at charming cafes and restaurants.


Walk, run, Boat...

Based just minutes away from the Tambo River, Swan Reach is the perfect place for fishing, or to head to the Lakes for a bigger day out.

Never ending holiday

In one of the fastest growing regional areas within Australia, East Gippsland is the idyllic countryside escape. You will see first hand why so many people love it.

Countryside Clubhouse

Coming soon. 

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